Slot Overview of Tiger King’s Infinite Reels

These Infinity Reels slots are often powered by Relax Gaming, however it’s unusual for the developer to utilize their own game engine. As seen in Emerald’s Infinity Reels, a variation on the ReelPlay slot machine theme set in Ireland. Now there’s Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels, a slot machine with a very novel take on a familiar theme. The unique selling point of Tiger Kingdom is the method in which Relax Gaming adapted parts of the Money Train 2 bonus round to fit inside the constraints of the Infinity Reels framework. This system alternates between devastating and delightful as one might imagine.

While the concept isn’t really novel, Relax does a nice job at making it seem good. The gaming takes place on a 3×3 panel within an equally opulent background, with a pagoda for good measure. While there are a few tiger-themed motifs here and there, the overall vibe is peacefully Asian. The superior design pedigree of Relax Gaming is clearly seen in the game’s visuals and sound. The aesthetics may first appeal to aficionados of Asian slot games, but the gameplay has the potential to appeal to those who enjoy quick bursts of difficulty.

When compared to other Infinity Reels slots, Tiger Kingdom operates a little bit differently. To begin, you must fill all three reels with identical symbols. After then, every square in the grid shifts to the left by one. Any winning symbols that fall off the grid are gathered, and the respin process continues if the next reel also lands winning symbols. If a fresh reel does not provide a winning combination, the value of all accumulated symbols is paid out. It’s important to note that unlike some other Infinity Reels games, this one does not pay out for winning symbols that remain on the reels and that the additional reels do not result in multipliers.

The RTP for Tiger Kingdom is calculated using a very unpredictable mathematical process, and it now sits at 96.23%. If you opt to get the bonus, the total rises to 96.87%. Tiger Kingdom is a mobile-friendly slot machine that accepts wagers between 10 pence and 50 pounds (or euros). There are a number of symbols that might appear, including the 7 normal pay symbols that appear in the beginning. The first three are Asian designs, each of which is worth 0.4 to 0.6 times your initial wager if you manage to gather them all. The story’s tigers appear in the form of premiums, which double one’s wager by a factor of one-four. When you acquire a scroll icon, it unlocks an extra row for the current spin in the main game. It’s possible to add up to two more rows. In addition, x2, x3, and x4 multiplier symbols can appear. When you add one of these symbols to your collection, it double your total symbol count.

Slot Functions of the Infinite-Reel Tiger Kingdom

The bonus round is activated when three or more bonus symbols appear in a single spin. Keep in mind that the bonus feature won’t activate unless the bonus symbols are gathered. After logging in, the standard pay symbols will no longer appear on the reels. Instead of regular symbols, the reels may show money signs, bonus icons, or nothing at all. Three free spins will kick off the bonus round. If a symbol appears on reel 3, the grid will shift to the left and the reels will spin again beginning with reel 3. Whenever the number of spins reaches zero or the win ceiling is reached, the total number of symbols that have fallen off the grid on the left is tallied and given. The bonus game’s symbols are:

Golden coins disclose a payout of between one and ten times the wager.

Values for red coins range from 20 times to 100 times the wager.

When gathered, the reset value of the spin counter is increased by 1.

Scroll — acquiring one adds another row to the grid. There’s enough for at most two more rows.

The Collector symbol will gather up any and all other coins on the reels.

Payer – its value may be multiplied by up to three places.

Sniper: multiplies coin values by 2, 3, or 4 for up to three spots.

The Collector, the Payer, and the Sniper also come in a Persistent variety. Once a sufficient number of these symbols have been collected, they will begin to function as a modifier before each spin.

Incentives to Purchase

If the bonus game is offered, players can pay 100 times their wager to access it. When you do this, the bonus round will begin instantly.

Slot Review of Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels

Maybe Relax Gaming was encouraged to try their hand at the Infinity Reels gaming engine again after seeing Money Mariachi. In response to each given prompt, users can build yet another Infinity Reels game in the vein of MT2. The good news, from a diversity standpoint, is that Tiger Kingdom is not like Money Mariachi in how it performs. The bonus round in Money Mariachi may drag on for quite some time, even when things are going well, but in Tiger Kingdom it seemed like I was shot out of a cannon.

The speed quickens considerably in the bonus round. Sometimes things end before you have a chance to become comfortable and assess the situation. After adding a few additional reels that offer no real benefits, it gracefully exits the stage. With only one smack, you’re right back at square one. The basic game is straightforward; all you need to know is that, unlike most other Infinity Reels games, this one requires you to gather symbols as they fall off the grid.

The bonus game does go on nice streaks every so often, which is a plus. Special symbols may pile up some spectacular results when they boost the heck out of pay symbols by enduring, doubling on doubles, and so on. The maximum payout in this game is 20,000 times the initial wager, and it would be amusing to witness a payout of that size. Unlike in MT2, where you may build up an unstoppable wave of momentum, this never really happened in Tiger Kingdom. It would either pop intermittently or not at all. Plus, there’s something else. Money symbols can grow rather large on the grid, but they have no value until they are moved somewhere else and collected. Consequently, there will be occasions when you fail to acquire anything of value and the round concludes. Sometimes, on the very last spin, you get lucky and a symbol falls on the third reel, nudging a prized monetary icon off the board. Tiger Kingdom has several similarities to the coin-op games in this regard.

Relax Gaming excels in creating tense situations in which certain requirements must be satisfied in order to receive a reward. With the skillful incorporation of the MT2-style bonus round into Infinity Reels’ mechanics, the game becomes skilled at dishing out deserved prizes if the stars align.

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